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Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform tiers

Protect Entry

  1. Console
  2. Modern Endpoint
  3. Server Security

Protect Advanced

  1. Full Disk Encryption
  2. Advanced Threat

Protect Complete

  1. Cloud App
  2. Mail Security
  3. Vulnerability &
    Patch Management

Protect Elite

  1. Detection and
  2. Multi-Factor

Protect MDR

  1. MDR Service
  2. Deployment and
  3. Premium Support

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Frequently asked questions

Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform is a contemporary and well-rounded security system. It relies on Thecleanowl LiveSense, a technologically advanced solution developed by Thecleanowl, which incorporates a combination of 30 years of human expertise, machine learning geared towards cybersecurity, and Thecleanowl LiveGrid, a global reputation tool hosted in the cloud. The main components of Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform include a balanced approach to preventing breaches, detecting security threats, and responding to them, all of which are enhanced by Thecleanowl's managed and professional services, as well as threat intelligence.This platform is designed to be user-friendly, modular, adaptable, and consistently updated to cater to the needs of Thecleanowl's customers.

The features and capabilities of Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform include:

  • 1. Modern Endpoint Protection
  • 2. Detection & Response (XDR)
  • 3. Server Security
  • 4. Encryption
  • 5. Multi-Factor Authentication
  • 6. Advanced Threat Defense
  • 7. Mail Security
  • 8. Cloud Application Protection
  • 9. Vulnerability & Patch Management
  • 10. Threat Intelligence
  • 11. Services
  • 12. Console

Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform offers comprehensive protection for your entire business environment, including endpoints, servers, mobile devices, cloud applications, email, and SharePoint environments. It is compatible with various operating systems and provides a well-balanced, robust, and user-friendly architecture. Additionally, it offers deployment flexibility, allowing you to choose between cloud-based or on-premises deployment based on your preferences.

The level of protection provided by Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform depends on the specific solution tier you choose. However, regardless of the tier, Thecleanowl employs multi layered security technologies that surpass the capabilities of basic antivirus or antimalware solutions. Even at lower tiers, Thecleanowl PROTECT offers multilayered protection and threat intelligence to safeguard your company against various threats, including:

  • Ransomware
  • Botnets
  • Targeted Attacks
  • Data Breaches
  • Zero-Day Threats
  • Fileless Attacks
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Thecleanowl PROTECT covers the full spectrum of threat prevention, detection, and response phases. Higher-tier solutions enhance your protection further, utilizing a zero-trust approach and advanced features such as Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) and Detection & Response (XDR).

Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform provides several solution tiers, which include:

  • Thecleanowl PROTECT Entry
  • Thecleanowl PROTECT Advanced
  • Thecleanowl PROTECT Complete
  • Thecleanowl PROTECT Elite
  • Thecleanowl PROTECT MDR
  • Thecleanowl PROTECT Enterprise
  • Thecleanowl PROTECT Mail Plus

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See Thecleanowl PROTECT solutions details for Enterprises

Yes, Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform offers extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities. It is a cloud-delivered ecosystem that focuses on breach prevention, improved visibility, and remediation. The platform incorporates advanced tools like Thecleanowl Inspect to enhance network visibility and XDR capabilities. Thecleanowl Inspect and Thecleanowl Inspect Cloud are part of Thecleanowl PROTECT Elite and Thecleanowl PROTECT MDR solution tiers.

Verified customers have expressed their satisfaction with Thecleanowl, highlighting the following key features:

  • Minimal system footprint
  • Excellent malware accuracy
  • Easy deployment and management

"Sleek interface and works as expected every time. All policies and remote administration are straightforward and thoroughly documented if there are questions." Allen L., Founder

No, there are no extra charges associated with using the Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform. It is automatically included in all solution tiers.

Certainly. If you'd like to see our Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform solutions in action, you can check out our demo and YouTube video demonstrating how to set up Thecleanowl PROTECT Cloud and deploy a Thecleanowl security product. No installation is required, and you can get a firsthand look at your cloud management after a few weeks of usage. If you're interested in trying out the full-featured license, you can request a free trial. You can install and deploy our protection solutions and test them for 30 days without any commitment. If you have more questions or specific business requirements, our experienced country-based teams will contact you to discuss further.

Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform is Thecleanowl’s whole cybersecurity ecosystem, while Thecleanowl PROTECT Console is a unified interface providing real-time, full visibility into your network.

Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform offers flexibility, allowing you to choose between cloud and on-premise deployments. Cloud deployments offer the broadest range of benefits. They enable access to all your company's cybersecurity data from anywhere, at any time, using any internet-connected device. With cloud deployment, you can connect and report without dealing with networking issues like VPNs. Compared to on-premise deployment, cloud deployment ensures that you always have up-to-date, secure information. The environment is managed by Thecleanowl, freeing up your IT department to focus on your core business. Opting for cloud deployment of Thecleanowl PROTECT solution tiers provides access to the full potential of Thecleanowl PROTECT Platform.

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