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Secured personal information of customers represents any organisation. However, handling subject access requests and constructing a data policy can be quite time-consuming, especially for small businesses.

Therefore, we have introduced the Thecleanowl Privacy Toolbox, a comprehensive resource designed to streamline and simplify your data protection responsibilities.



Digital Privacy Policy Builder
Simple guidance on fulfilling your data protection obligations, allowing you to create privacy policies using our pre-designed templates. You can seamlessly integrate these policies into your website, forms, or any platform where personal information is collected.


Consent Management
Collect customer consent efficiently with our customisable forms and easily track which customers have provided valid consent through our reporting service.


Subject Access Request Workflow
Ensure compliance with GDPR by meticulously tracking and managing consent and subject access requests. Our hosted SAR (Subject Access Request) form enables customers to submit their requests directly through website. Additionally, all requests are logged in our ticket database, and automatic reminders are sent to assist you in responding within the 30-days.

Privacy-related tasks with user-friendly tools.
- Facilitates the fulfilment of data protection obligations.
- Saves valuable time
- Capture and track customer consent.
- Provides GDPR requirements.

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